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Treatments Currently Available

The Beauty salons will re-open on Thursday 10 November with appointments available from 1.30 - 4.30pm. Treatments available are facials, microdermabrasion, body/back massage, St Tropez cream tan,manicure, pedicure, waxing and eye treatments.
Unfortunately we are unable to offer any late appointments this academic year.

For further information please call our reception on 01502 525142.

Please note that our reception may be unmanned at times. If reception is unmanned and we are unable to take your call please leave a message on our answerphone and we will return your call as soon as we can. Please note we are unable to book appointments via email.

Please bear in mind that students on reception are in training so your patience is appreciated.

Facial Treatments


Mini face pamper (30 mins) £5.00
Eve Taylor Essential facial (1 hour) £8.00
Eve Taylor Intensive facial (75 mins) £10.00

Specialised Facials

Eve Taylor Advanced facials (75 mins):
Tightening & Toning (Faradic) £17.00
Deep Cleansing & Rejuvenating (Galvanic) £17.00
Revitalising & Regenerating (High Frequency) £17.00
Microdermabrasion anti ageing facial (up to 60 mins) £20.00
Microcurrent firm & lift facial (up to 90 mins) £20.00
UltraDerm facial (combined Galvanic and High Frequency) £20.00


Cleanse and make-up (30 mins) £3.00
Camouflage Make Up (covering of tatoos, pigmentation, redness) £2.00

Eye Treatments

Treatments marked * require a recorded skin test within a week prior to your first treatment and a minimum of 48 hours before.
Eyebrow shape - wax/tweeze (15 mins) £3.00
Eyelash tint* (20 mins) £5.00
Eyebrow tint* (15 mins) £3.00
Lash and brow tint* (30 mins) £7.00
False lashes* - strip/individual (30 mins) £10.00
Please note: our individual lashes are NOT lash extensions
See below for Extensions

Hands and Feet

To ensure your polish dosen't smudge please wear open toed footwear for pedicure treatments.
Mini hand pamper (30 mins) £5.00
Mini foot pamper (30 mins) £5.00
Manicure (45 mins) - includes nail polish to take home £8.00
Luxury manicure (1 hour) - includes nail polish to take home £10.00
Pedicure (1 hour) - includes nail polish to take home £9.00
Luxury pedicure (75 mins) - includes nail polish to take home £11.00
Nail art - only available with Mini Pampers (additional 15 mins) £2.00
Lash Extensions* (2 hours) £22.00
Lash Extension Maintenance (up to an hour) £10.00
Hair Removal
Epilation (permanent hair removal) (up to 60mins) £2.00



Waxing (temporary hair removal)
Full leg wax - includes bikini line (1 hour) £10.00
Half leg wax - knee to toe (30 mins) £7.00
Bikini line wax (15 mins) £3.50
Under arm wax (15 mins) £3.50
Lip/chin/eyebrow (10 mins) £3.00 each
Back/chest wax (30 mins) £7.00

Body Treatments

Body massage (75 mins) - (can include G5/audio sonic) £15.00
Back massage (45 mins) £9.00
Body Toning - faradic (75 mins) £15.00
Body Polishing - microdermabrasion (60mins) £15.00
Body Lifting - microcurrent (60mins) £15.00
Anti Cellulite - galvanic (60mins) £15.00


St Tropez full body spray/cream tan (up to 75 mins) £10.00

Men's Treatments

Eve Taylor Men's Facial £10.00
Eye brow tidy £3.00
Manicure (buff finish) £6.00
Pedicure (buff finish) £7.00
Back/chest wax £7.00
Indian Head massage (45 mins) £10.00

*SKIN TESTS: Treatments marked * require a recorded skin test within a week prior to your first treatment and a minimum of 48 hours before. This will need to be repeated every 12 months.

Please ask at Reception for more details.  We will be unable to proceed with your treatment if a skin test is not recorded and confirmed with us.

Please note that a full consultation will be carried out prior to all treatments. It is important to make the therapist aware of any painful areas or existing medical conditions. In some instances a doctor’s note may be required;where there is any doubt the therapist will refer you to your doctor.

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English and Maths Revision @ The Hub

Lowestoft College Nov 2016 (206)

From March 13th to the end of the academic year, we are running revision sessions – this includes English and Maths for GCSEs and Functional Skills. The aim will be to provide help on some of the areas of these subjects you are finding difficult, to practise exam papers under the guidance of specialist tutors and to give practical advice about revising in these subjects.

As a college, we are advising students to plan at least 2 hours of revision per week; attendance at these sessions can be a perfect way of keeping you on track to reach this goal.

Click the link below to see when these sessions will be taking place.

Good luck in your exams!

Maths and English Revision Workshops