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Our students have done some great things while they are at the College and after they have finished their training. Some have gone on to university or set up their own successful business, while others are working locally, nationally or even internationally in the industry they trained in. If you're a former Lowestoft College student and would like to get in touch to update us on your career so far, please email marketing@lowestoft.ac.uk

Felicity Scott                                                    

Air Cabin Crew

felicity scott

Felicity was so determined to follow a career as cabin crew that she travelled in to the college by train each day from Ipswich. 
Her commitment paid off and shortly after completing the course in 2011, she began working for Ryanair. Since joining the airline, Felicity has travelled all over Europe and Morocco and although she often doesn’t get to see the destinations she flies to (the crew only has 25 minutes on the ground before flying back to Stansted) really enjoys the job. For her, the consistency short haul flights offer is ideal and being able to return to her own home after each shift is a real plus point. “I really like that I have a normal life. It’s almost like working a 9 to 5 job – just at different times,” Felicity said. And, working for the airline also means a regular work pattern of five days on and three days off – a pattern which many of the crew use to take short breaks in Europe.        

Felicity always dreamed of a career in the industry and believes that comes from travelling when she was younger. The 24-year-old is now about to take the next steps in her career after being offered a new role with Jet2.com flying from Stansted. Felicity will fly to a range of well-known holiday destinations in Spain, the Canaries and Ibiza. There may also be scope to travel to ski resorts in Italy and France too as the company is looking to diversify and offer certain flights throughout the winter.

Felicity said: “I’m very excited about the new opportunity and the opportunities I will have to progress within the industry when I join Jet2.”

Felicity has returned to Lowestoft College each year to share her experiences of the industry. This year, as well as telling the students about working for Ryanair, Felicity was also able to talk about her new role and the interview process she went through.

Jessie McGregor

Air Cabin Crew

19-year-old Jessie completed the Air Cabin Crew course in the summer of 2015 and began working in the travel industry for Lowestoft-based holiday company Hoseasons.

Jessie’s dream career had always been to take to the skies though so she was always looking out for the perfect opportunity to come up.

Luckily, she didn’t have to wait too long and after around a year completed applications for Qantas and British Airways. Both appealed to her as they flew to long haul destinations around the world. Both airlines thought she was perfect for them and offered her a job – so Jessie had the enviable task of deciding between the two.

In the end, the choice came down to the variety of destinations and in March 2016, Jessie joined BA.

So far she has travelled to some of the most popular holiday destinations including Mauritius, Barbados, Bermuda, Orlando, the Maldives and Mexico, which she has just returned from in the last few days.     

The demands of the job can be tough and while the role isn’t as glamourous as people think, Jessie says that the plus points outweigh the negatives. For Jessie the choice of career definitely seems to be living up to expectations: “You have to live every day as it comes. I’d describe it as more of a lifestyle rather than a job.”

Jessie says that the time she spent at Lowestoft College really helped to prepare for the career and the six weeks training she had to complete with BA before being able to take to the skies. Jessie recently returned to Lowestoft College to share her experiences of the travel and tourism industry with current students and to talk to them about the interview processes for both companies.

Cabin crew lecturer Sue Woodward said: “Jessie was one of the stars of the course and was named as our Cabin Crew Student of the Year in 2014 so it came as no surprise that two of the most renowned airlines offered her a role. It’s great to see our former students go on to work in their chosen industry in their dream roles and it is brilliant that so many of them choose to come back to the college to share their experiences with current students.”

Liam Donnelly

Uniformed Public Services

22-year-old Liam is the latest former Uniformed Public Services student
to liam donnellyfollow his dream of a career in the army.

Liam left Lowestoft College in 2014 after completing the Level 2 and 3 Uniformed Public Services courses and is now mid-way through training with the Royal Anglian Regiment 1st Battalion – Vikings.

He has been busy completing the phase 1 and 2 of training and is set to pass out with a formal parade in early 2017.  

The training has seen him build up a range of skills including first aid, field training, drill and turnout, live firing and bayonet training. He has also been building on his fitness levels with advance training sessions. In total the recruits spend six months picking up many vital skills they will need in the army. Liam said: “I’m really enjoying the experience so far and have met a really nice groups of lads. I am better as a person and more mature as a result of the training.”

Liam is following in the footsteps of other members of his family who have had careers with the army and believes that the course at Lowestoft College helped to prepare him for what was to come.  

Caine Hammond

Uniformed Public Services

A former student from the Uniformed Public Services course is now embarking on an exciting career after demonstrating what can be achieved through hard-work, determination and the will to succeed. 

Twenty-two year old Caine Hammond studied the Level Three Public Services course from 2012 to 2014 and joined the Specials whilst still at college.

Before interviewing to become a Special students on the course were visited by an Inspector who came into college to help prepare them by giving more information about the application process, the role itself and what would be required. Nick Smith, course tutor, also supported Caine in his application.

Caine said: “The course gives you skills that are recognised in the Public Services and the trips on the course helped me massively with my teamwork skills. The extra support for my interview from Nick both pushed and motivated me.”

After completing his course Caine continued to work as Special for approximately 18 months, however he struggled to find a full-time role within the Police. As he wanted to do pursue a career while he was still young, on his own accord Caine decided to apply for the Navy. He was already aware of the various roles available, thanks to what he had learnt on the course at Lowestoft College, and knew he’d be able to put his skills into action.

He was successful in his application and joined the Navy early 2016 as a Warfare Specialist; this is both a vital and exciting role. Warfare Specialists work as part of a team detecting threats to the ship, identifying targets and making tactical decisions. The team protects the ship from both air born attacks and other vessels using radars and other high tech equipment.  

Course tutor Nick Smith said: “I could see such a change in Caine after he completed his Specials training; it really matured him as a person but now he’s found his niche in life. He’s done really well, I’m really proud of him.”

Caine has the following advice for anyone considering joining the Uniformed and Public Services department at Lowestoft College: “Listen and work as hard as you can; what you put into the course is what you get out of it. Push yourself, but have fun and enjoy the challenge too.”

Caine is now based at HMS Collingwood at Portsmouth and is planning a long term career in the Navy. Updated September 2016.

Nic Benns 

Art and Design

A former graphics student from Lowestoft College has used his skills and creative talent to enjoy a career in the film and television industry. 

Nic Benns, who studied at Lowestoft College over 20 years ago, went on to study at Anglia University Cambridge before making the trip to the USA where he joined the California Institute of the Arts. After finishing the course, Nic returned to the UK and Lowestoft and began contacting production companies asking if he could pitch ideas for up-coming films or programmes. 

From those humble beginnings, Nic went on to set up Momoco with his business partner Miki Kato and now works from his offices in London’s Carnaby Street. The company has worked on some well-known titles including TV programmes Fresh Meat, Dracula, Ripper Street, Luther and the BBC’s dramas The Musketeers and The Crimson Field, as well as films Alien vs Predator, Cuban Fury, Love Actually and Johnny English. In 2012 Momoco received an Emmy for Outstanding Main Titles for the TV adaptation Great Expectations.

In 2013, Nic was awarded an honorary fellowship at the UCS Lowestoft graduation ceremony and returned to Lowestoft College to talk to art students about his career.

Jamie King


Former Engineering student Jamie King went on to build global oil consultancy, King Petroleum.    

After leaving high school without any qualifications, Jamie looked to Lowestoft College to help him train for his future career and chose the apprenticeship route. He stayed at the College for four years and believes that his time helped to transform his career opportunities, making it possible for him to go to university before establishing his own successful international business. Jamie now lives in Thailand but, on a return to the UK, made a trip to Lowestoft College where he talked to current engineering students about his career and employment opportunities available in the oil and gas industry.

Business and Innovation Manager at Lowestoft College Ferlin Quantrill said: “His journey has been from somebody who had no qualifications to a top-class, world-recognised engineer, which is fantastic for them to be able to hear.”

Grace Tyler

Air Cabin Crew

Grace Tyler landed a dream job with one of the most recognised names in the travel sector – Virgin Airlines. 

After finishing Lowestoft College’s Air Cabin Crew course in the summer of 2012, Grace saw a recruitment advert for the airline. She applied hoping to gain experience of the application process and was surprised when she was shortlisted for the role.   

After securing the job, Grace found herself flying to a range of long haul destinations including Orlando, Las Vegas, Newark, LA, Miami, New York, Havanna, Johannesburg and Mumbai. 

Grace said: “Virgin Airlines is known for being one of the top airlines in the world and it was my dream to work for them. My initial plan was to get a job working for a smaller airline to gain some experience as I didn’t think they would recruit me without any cabin crew experience. But luckily I was wrong.” 
Grace first started at Lowestoft College on the Working in Travel course before she signed up for the Air Cabin Crew course. During her time as a student, Grace received recognition for her commitment to the course when she was presented with a coveted City and Guilds Medal of Excellence at a prestigious ceremony in London. 

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