GCSE Exam Dates - English: 2nd June at 9.15am, Maths: 4th June at 9.15am, 8th June at 9.15am and 11th June at 1.45pm
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There are no formal entry requirements.
One day
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£149+VAT per person
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IMDG Code Awareness (International Maritime Dangerous Goods)

This course provides delegates with a general overview of the IMDG code for transport of dangerous goods by sea.

Course Description:
  • IMDG definitions
  • International legal framework
  • Identification of dangerous goods
  • Definition of dangerous goods
  • Carriage of dangerous goods
  • Segregation of dangerous goods
  • Dangerous goods structure
  • MGN 340 (M)
  • Reporting procedures
  • Documentation and labelling
  • Training requirements