OpenĀ EveningĀ Monday 9 November 5.15 to 8.15pm
Lowestoft College
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Effective Negotiation Skills

Almost every day we negotiate with suppliers, customers and colleagues. This practical and participative workshop gives delegates a structured methodology and a range of skills and techniques to use in any negotiation situation.

Course Description:
The workshop will help delegates understand how negotiating methods can be used to achieve better deals, better service levels and effective longer-lasting relationships.

Delegates are taught how to analyse strengths and weaknesses and the importance of researching the other party's position. The overall objective of this workshop is to enable delegates to arrive at a win-win situation with mutually acceptable outcomes.

Who should attend?
This workshop is ideal for anyone whose role requires them to negotiate internally or externally with customers, suppliers, colleagues and others.

Course Content:
  • What is negotiation and why is there a need for negotiation
  • The skills needed for successful negotiation
  • The stages of negotiation
  • Short negotiation exercises
  • The key tasks involved in successful negotiation
  • How to practice and use negotiation techniques
By the end of the workshop delegates will be able to:
  • Communicate for negotiation
  • Be more skilled at reaching lasting agreements under difficult circumstances
  • Plan a negotiation strategy
  • Adopt the skills needed in negotiation
  • Seek a win-win outcome and successfully close the negotiation